Vojagxo and the environment

Will it be time to ask oneself about our way of life when there will be nothing left to eat, the air will be unbreathable, the water will be undrinkable, the temperature will be unbearable, the food will be inedible, the diseases will be incurable, ...?

Do we have no other alternative than consuming all the resources of the Planet and then go out like any colony of insects or dinosaurs?

Why to protect the environment ?

For a long time the issues related to the environment are a concern for Vojagxo members. They observe, as everybody, the constantly increasing production of equipment, the excessive consumption of the planet's resources, the ignorance of the real value of these resources, wasted to go always farther, always faster, without asking oneself the question about the impact of this way of life.

For all these reasons, and also because humanity seems unable to do anything to stop this mad rush towards the chaos, Vojagxo decided to commit, to be at the service of the earth, to use the music, the song, the Internet, to whisper in the ear of everyone, it's time (hopefully) to change our way of conceiving the progress.

Chicago from the sky

It is not a question of politics, economics, idealism ... just survival.

Jean-Claude Patalano looking at the sky

Everyone has their own idea about progress but is it fighting over and over to consume more and more until the individuals and the planet are exhausted ?

We are not economists, politicians or astrophysicists, we simply notice that more and more storms, fires, famines, environmental disasters strike our world.