The Musicians of Vojagxo
Vojagxo in the jungle

Who are the musicians of Vojagxo ?

There was a time when the definition of music was "the way of arranging sounds in a pleasant manner for the ear" then came Shaeffer, Xenakis, Boulez, and ... We were obliged to change that definition, now music is « the art of sounds." The musicians of Vojagxo love music in every sense of the word. They dedicate their lives to it and every moment of their days is punctuated by the attentive listening of the sounds of the world around them: the song of a blackbird, a bell ringing in the distance, southerly wind in the plane trees, the lapping of the canal du Midi which take it easy between Donneville and Villefranche, …

From these sounds sometimes arise melodies, rhythms, snatches of lyrics that may become pieces of music but, anyway, leave noticeable traces in the musical textures woven by the group.

Vojagxo in Rangueil