Discography of Vojagxo

Several new projects are in progress among them a second album built according to the same principle, a French version and a version in Esperanto, collaboration with other authors from the Esperanto World, instrumental creations, ... Feel free to follow the group's activities on the social networks or on the site of Vinilkosmo.


In 2017 Vojagxo realized a double album entitled "Planedo nia". This album includes one CD in French, and an other in Esperanto. The songs are sung in French by Audrey Rey and in Esperanto by Jean-Claude Patalano. You can order this album (2 CDs) on the Web site of Vinilkosmo.

You can also hear the titles in esperanto, in streaming on 1Dtouch.

Titles in French Titles in Esperanto
1. La terre a mal 1. La tero suferas
2. Karnaval 2. Karnavalo
3. Libre 3. Libera
4. Une planète 4. Blua planedo
5. Mille nuits 5. Mil noktoj
6. Ma favela 6. Mia ladurbo
7. Le paradis du tango7. La paradizo de la tango
8. Ensemble 8. Kune
9. Kalidasa 9. Kalidaso
10. L'ours 10. La urso
11. Exil 11. Ekzilo
12. Le blues des saisons12. La bluso de la sezonoj


On rhythms drawing on the sources of Bossa nova, Samba, Salsa, Choro, Swing of the US South Coast Bands or Blues of the New Orléans clubs , with accents really oriented to the south, towards Brazil, Caribbean, Italy, Louisiana or Mississipi, which embark you for a journey to the other end of the earth, in the suburbs of Rio, São-Paulo or Belem, Cuba, Havana, Naples or New Orleans, Toulouse, Albi or Carcassone..

A relaxed route in a sun-kissed music, which incites to the friendship between "re-builders of worlds", around a glass of Caïpirinha or huge squeezed oranges "sin azucar, con gelo"