Vojagxo Title


The band Vojagxo warmly thanks

Floreal Martorell from Vinilkosmo without whom this project would never exist, Françoise Eriksen for her understanding and her encouragements, Rikardo Cash por sia helpo, Paul Patalano for his wonderful photos, his expert tips of professional graphic designer and his fraternal caring, Dire Association for their actions for the wellness of the planet, Simone Grinfeld for the texts proofreading, her kind patience and her artistic contribution, Sophie Patalano for her outstanding photos, her enthousiasm and her talent, Gérard De Haro who accepted to wellcome us in the studio La Buissonne, Nicolas Bayard for his professionalism and his skilled hear. Thanks to Triboulet of studio de la Trappe for his patience and his professionalism. Thanks to Philippe Bourgues for his friendship and his communicative passion for sport and human adventures in South America, Thanks to Annie Vigreux for her friendship and her encouragements, thanks to Nathalie Marin for her friendship and her kindness, thanks to Fanny Zmarick for her encouragements, thanks to Marion Quenut for her confidence, thanks to Canal-Sud for their welcome...

Feuillage de la foret brésilienne

... Thanks to everyone who, in one way or another, contribute or contributed to the birth and the achievement of our project.