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Unlike other languages, singing in French needs to have sensible things to say, but what can we say to please the greatest number, do not make policy, offend no one, avoid being considered as dreamers, be understood ?

The solution is simple, just singing love songs, it makes nobody angry. Vojagxo also sing love songs but not only …

French Song

Without chauvinism, we can say that Vojagxo is a really French band. Gilles Benard and Jean-Claude Patalano, the authors of the group apply to shamelessly write in the language of Molière. At a time when some bands renounce to use their language under various pretexts such as easier export of culture or larger commercial distribution, ... Vojagxo prefer sing in French and export in Esperanto.

It is true that carry the legacy of giants of the past years, Trenet, Brassens, Brel, Barbara, Bashung, ... is not an easy task but the French language is so rich, so full of color, meaning, subtleties, that handle it is a real pleasure for who dares to risk it.

Audrey our singer

Some musicians refuse to play in groups singing in French, as teenagers in conflict with their parents.