The musicians of Vojagxo
Pascal playing Drums

Pascal Marceillac on Drums

Student of José Filatreau, professor at the Conservatory of Toulouse, Pascal Marseillac regularly attended classes at the Agostini school where he acquired a solid experience. To complete his training he did not hesitate to take courses of harmony and piano at Philippe Yvron classes. We have seen him ensuring the rhythm in orchestras like "Cadillac" in the blues rock trio "Tom Souville" in several Big Bands in the Toulouse region as well as more experimental performances combining theater, music and dance, as the show "Vivendo".

Pacal Marceillac playing in blue light

This is Pascal who infuses the pulse to the band, that transports the audience in the Amazon jungle, in the favelas of Rio or in the streets of Toulouse on a summer evening.

Pascal our drummer